Why Beelzebub Was In Our Solar System


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Long before,
in Karatas,
Beelzebub had been taken into service
on the
has the

Beelzebub had become

due to unformed Reason
and owing to
callow and impetuous
with unequally flowing association
in the government of the World
something which seemed "illogical".

He found support and interfered.

Beelzebub's intervention
the central kingdom
of the Megalocosmos
to the edge of revolution.

banished Beelzebub
(and his comrades)
to the Solar System "ORS"
(the "solar system")
and they were assigned to live in Mars.

In a short time,
a whole colony of
3 centered beings
from various planets
was formed on Mars.

They found occupations on Mars
or on neighboring planets.

Many migrated,
but Beelzebub stayed on Mars.
He arranged an observatory
to observe
remote points of the Universe
and beings on the neighboring planets.

had sent out his messengers
from time to time
to the Solar System ORS
to regulate the
of the
three-brained beings
arising on the them,
for their coordination
with the general
World Harmony.

A Messenger was sent to Earth:


Beelzebub fulfilled a need
in this mission.
When the messenger returned, he asked HIS ENDLESSNESS
to pardon Beelzebub.

pardoned Beelzebub
and gave him permission
to return to Karatas.

That is how Beelzebub
returned to the center of the Universe.
His influence and authority
had not declined
but had increased
because his knowledge
and experience
had broadened and deepened.

When events of great importance
occurred on
one of the planets
of the Solar System
Beelzebub's old friends
invited him to the conference
concerning those events.

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The year is 223
by Objective Time Calculation.
1921 after birth of Christ.

The ship KARNAK
of "transpace" communication
flies through the Universe.

The ship Karnak flies from
("Milky Way")
from Karatas
Solar System "Pandetznokh"
Its sun is the

Beelzebub is travelling to
to a special conference
with old friends.

Recently, Beelzebub had returned home
to Karatas
where he received his ARISING ("growing up").

He had spent a long time far away in unnatural conditions.

The many years away
and the perceptions
(unusual to him)
and the experiences
had left a mark on his
common presence.

Beelzebub's kinsmen and attendants were on
During this period,
the passengers were occupied
with duties
or with:

the son of Beelzebub's favorite son: Toulof
was always near Beelzebub himself.

Beelzebub felt
"family attraction"
for Hassein
and undertook his education.

Beelzebub is always with Hassein
and his old servant Ahoom.
At the
"time of this narrative"
they are seated on
the highest KASNIK (the upper deck)
of the ship KARNAK
under the
(resembling a large "glass bell").
They are talking there.

Beelzebub was talking about Venus.

The captain of the ship
asked to talk to him
and he agreed.



We as three dimensional bio mechanical organisms can only have a limited understanding of the nature of existence. We should always allow that there must be more to the picture than can be comprehended with our sophisticatedly cunning animal mentation. That part of us which we prize so highly is that part of us which helps to keep our biological existence going. It is the part that makes us clever hunters, builders, and cultivators, the part that impulsively works to ensure our own longevity and the perpetuation of our species. This part of ourselves assumes its own importance. It categorizes all incoming stimuli according to a rather limiting, binary mode of perception in which things are either beneficial to our continued existence, or harmful, or irrelevant. It will automatically be against those things which may appear to pose a possible threat to the comfort and safety of the bio mechanical organism. It will simply edit out anything which seems to be neither harmful nor helpful, not excluding other less dominant aspects of self. In this way, we as three dimensional biomechanical organisms are subject to a very skewed picture of reality and our role in the scheme of things. It is usually assumed in our religious and political and social systems that we are inherently important, and it is implied subtly and not so subtly that we are and should be the center of the cosmos. It is important to realize that we are operating from a limited perception and interpretation of what is. We are literally prisoners of this overdeveloped aspect of self. We see what it wants us to see, we hear what it wants us to hear, we act according to its calculations and commands, and yet it considers only one factor, the survival of the organism. It hasn’t the capabilities to comprehend for what purpose the organism ought to survive. Due to this fact it will take the easiest most direct route to the cheese. It will bend it’s experience of the maze to justify this single aim. It sees no need for embellishment, for running the rat race with flare. It takes what it can, while it can, without objective consideration. The end justifies the means. There is an entire world of subtleties to which this aspect of self is completely blind. There are many shades of the mysterious, the irrelevant, and the incomprehensible which will be filed deftly into a category marked "0". As long as we function under the dominion of this aspect of self we will be automatically restrained from perceiving the hidden face of the real. Doors will be closed to us before we can even acknowledge that there are doors. We will misinterpret so mush of the stimuli that comes our way. Things will be classified and treated as sinister without a fair trial. We will make mistakes. We can only aspire to realize and recognize our limits, our boundaries. We can aim to acquire an ability to hold things suspended in the air so that they will not suffer the injustice of being misfiled under "black" or "white". As they say, Pride cometh before the fall. If we are not so sure of things then we can let them be "up in the air", undecided. We can be cosmic fools and let logic and reason sit in the back seat whilst we engage with the meaningless, the miraculous, and the untamable.




Open a book at random and choose a sentence. Try as much as possible not to read or comprehend the content of the string of words. From the sentence extract one word. Read this word aloud. Set a timer for 5 minutes. During this time repeat the word over and over again. Put your attention on the sound of the word. Try as much as possible to disregard the meaning of the word. Just enjoy making the strange sound. Say it very slowly, then say it very quickly. Stretch it out and play with the pronunciation and the emphasis given to each syllable until the repetition of the word becomes pure music.


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