The Law of Falling

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Saint Venoma
goes from planet Soort
to Holy Planet Purgatory.
There he studies.
He discovers:
Everything Falls To The Bottom

The bottom
for any part of the Universe
is its
nearest STABILITY.
In the center of all suns/planets
are points of stability
Anything dropped into space
will move towards
the lowest point of that space region…
which is the center of a planet or sun

The lifetime of the machine
the point at which all lines of force converge

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The Construction of the Ship

Saint Venoma
constructs a ship
based on the Law of Falling:

An enclosure
with sliding shutters
of a material impervious to

A battery inside generates
It destroys everything inside
creating a vacuum.

These ships were hard to maneuver.
Ships moved fast in atmosphereless spaces,
but when close to sun/planets it was hard to maneuver ship

After 23 years of this method,
there were rumors that Angel Hariton invented new type of ship.

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Possible Metaphors

The ships can be seen
as a metaphor for the Being.

The Being
(and/or ships designed by St. Venoma)
travels via "the law of falling"
by falling towards a stability,
but if it falls all the way into a stability
it may become trapped there.
It must have a developed strength
that will allow it to fall towards the stability
and then carefully maneuver by it
without being compelled by its gravitational force.

The being (or the ship)
moves rapidly through
the intermediate space between stabilities.

It must then slow down and move cautiously
around the stability
aka "cosmic convergence".

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Yes, it is very good to use the laws of nature to the advantage of your work, but it is important not to become a subject of those laws. Those who would make their own way through the mechanical forest must know when to yield and when to stand firm. We must dip now and then into the oily black stream of nature, but we mustn’t ever, ever let it master us, or we will be drowned, like sailors lulled by the song of sirens, to a peaceful and clammy death in the unperturbable depths. By nature we are drawn to the nearest stability, to the nearest convergence of all lines of force, like that golden apple drawn to Newton’s head and then on to the greater orb of the earth itself, we all fall down. Thus falling is the easiest way to travel, like Alice drifting weightlessly down the rabbits hole, and there is no reason imaginable that we should not travel by the mode which extracts from us the least effort until that moment at which effort is strictly called for. We must by all means conserve our energies, because there will come a point when all of that which we have held in reserve will be called into use. At that moment we will need to cease to fall. At that moment we will need all of the strength of our will to navigate away from the stability which has been pulling eagerly at us with invisible fingers, all along hastening our travels. At that moment in which we are at the brink and ready to be pulled down and smashed into apple sauce, we must slow down and loose ourselves from that seductive and deadly grip. It is important to know when to say goodbye, a lesson that would lengthen the longevity of certain male spiders, if only they could learn it. We all fall down, but some of us learn the art of falling only almost all the way down, so that we may live to drift another day. Remember that down is always to the nearest stability. It may be the sun, or mars, or earth, or a nice little suburban home with a neatly trimmed lawn, or a small breasted blonde with long legs and a warm wet mouth, or a couch set before a plasma screen television set, or a barroom floor. There are so many shapes of down, so many ways to die, like a fly on sticky paper wondering where you went wrong- it all looked so sweet until you touched it. At the critical moment, hold back, keep your hands, feet and other psychic objects inside the vehicle. This will require immense fortitude. The only way to develop a strength is to exercise the muscle required for exhibiting said strength. In this case it is the power of the will which must be developed. You must become your own stability, a star with its own center of gravity, able to resist the pull of other bodies. There are those who use the law to their advantage, and there are those who are forever governed by the jungle. The weight and worth of every voyager will be measured by the critical moment. It is a sink or swim scenario. The swimmers will go on to join the Gods in their eternal toil. Those who sink will be devoured by the dark nature of the beast. In that critical moment, it is effort and skill (which is the result of past efforts) that determines worth, and nothing else.




Choose something which you desire most of all, it could be chocolate cake, it could be a cold beer, it might be a treasured pornographic dvd or a cigarette. Take this item, and in a quiet undisturbed space, sit with it in front of you. It should be in plain view so that you can sit comfortably and see it. Set a timer for 15min. For the duration of this time you will look at the thing that you crave. Just look at it and observe the sensations that course through your body. Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and your physical manifestations. Do you salivate? Do you become sexually aroused? Do you think inexplicably about running through the sprinklers on a hot sunny day when you were 8? Do you feel angry, or merry, or calm?

Notice everything that happens within you as if you are a separate person. Make no judgments about anything that you notice. After the time is up, put the object away. Under no circumstance should you partake of that item for at least the next 6 hours. It is very important that this be a challenge for you, but it is equally important that the challenge be surmountable, so choose your object wisely.

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